Tips to recover data from formatted drive or partition

Partition Logic is a small part of the hard drive of your computer. You can divide your hard drive into several partitions and store your personal files and operating system in separate disks. Any hard disk partition is considered another disk from the operating system. The partitioning of the hard drive will can store different types of files […]

Software to recoup formatted memory card

Memory cards are compact removable non-volatile memory devices that is not important in the room. It’s like the portable media devices for digital cameras, camcorders, MP3, Computer, mobile devices, etc. storage device is used, a more significant of the many other removable media, data size up to 32GB. Nowadays memory cards tend to popular media devices due […]

Recover data from Portable hard drive after accidental formatting

Consider one of the similar situations, while reformatting your Mac OS accidentally unit you have chosen to format the wrong drive was formatting your hard drive and laptop connected.After formatting the laptop hard drive, you acknowledge this error, but it was too late. Also you do not have a backup of the lost or formatted data […]