Disable Automatic Updates on Android Phone

It is user convenient to have their phone installing updates of apps automatically as they are notified in the android phone. But, there is good reason behind to stop automatic updates in android phone. User might want to save the usage of internet data or they simple want to have control over their Android device which application to get installed. Majority of user doesn’t know that they can have control over the updates of apps and they seek or ask their friends how to stop automatic updates in android phone?how to stop automatic updates in android phone

Nowadays, Android phones are the most popular all over the world and it is widely used by most of the users. Is powerful and built with high technology smart phone which runs on Google’s Android operating system in it. Android phone is designed in such a way that it fulfills the user’s desires like amazing wallpapers, themes and launchers which makes phone looks better. Because of its user friendly interface lots of people opt this device. There are many apps has been developed which supports android operating system phone. User will get regular updates for the apps that add great new features to smart phone.

Don’t need to worry! Because, there is good news for them i.e. they can disabled automatic updates on their Android mobile phones. Her, in this page I am going show you the procedure for how to stop automatic updates in android phone easily without any trouble.

Turn off automatic app updates in Android phone:

  • Start the process by opening the Google Play Store app in your Android phone. Next, touch slide out menu option in the upper left corner, as it is denoted by three horizontal lines, then click on settings. On the settings screen, choosing Autoupdate apps.
  • On the next screen, there will three options to choose auto updates apps at any time data changers may apply or Do not auto updates apps or whether you want to allow apps to automatically receive updates when you are connected to internet through Wi-Fi.
  • Click on Do not auto updates apps option then you can manually install all updates. For the sake of this how-to, we want to turn off auto-updates altogether, so go ahead and tap “Do not auto-update apps.”

After this, the Auto-update apps option screen will get close; bring back to the main Google Play Store settings screen. Tap your Android phone back button to return to the Play Store’s home screen.