Few simple Steps to Convert OST file to PST in an Effective Way

The versatile Microsoft Outlook covers a wide range of functionality like email, task manager, calendar, contact manager, journal, web browser, etc. MS Outlook used two file formats to save data, Personal Storage Table (PST) and Offline Storage Table (OST).  These two format are only used by all version of MS Outlook to store data. The main difference between PST and OST file is, PST file is used when you want to create archive or back up on your computer. While OST file is used when you want to work offline. It allows you to work in Outlook even when MS Exchange server faces down.

When the system is in offline mode all the data are stored on OST file, just when the server is connected and MS Outlook is turned online, all data saved is directly transferred to concerned client instantly. There are some instance when OST file may get corrupt due many reasons, and you can find inaccessible your mails and data saved in OST file. Which needs to convert OST to PST file for better restoration of all data.

To convert OST to PST file you need to use some third party tool, which should be reliable enough so you can restore all data accurately. There is a highly used and recommended tool named Convert OST PST,  which has best method to convert OST file to PST file. It is a read-only software that ensures there will not be any corruption or modification in original OST file. It  recovers emails and data from corrupted OST file and saved in PST file with all properties in original folder structure.

Reasons which may lead to corruption of OST file

OST Header File Corruption: It contains the detail information about OST file, if this file gets corrupted or damaged it may lead to OST file corruption.

Upgradation of Server: To improve file accessing performance admin can upgrade the existing Exchange server which may lead to corruption or deletion of OST file.

Synchronization Error: When server mailbox is connected to network all modification made on offline mode is updated in server. But if there is any interruption while this process, this may lead to synchronization error message.

Improper exiting Application: While working with Outlook if it gets abruptly closed due to any reason without proper saving data, then there is a chance ort corruption of OST file which may lead to data loss.

Bad Sector: If the location where OST file is stored become bad sector due to any reason then that file will not be accessible and data will be lost.

Abruptly Shut Down of System: While working with Outlook if system gets shut down due to any unknown reasons like power surge.

Third Party tool: OST file may get deleted by some third party tool, if they consider it as junk files.

Features of the software

  • Read-only software which ensures there will not be any modification or corruption in the original existing OST file. After scanning Existing OST file it will create new healthy file.
  • Retrieve file can be saved on PST file format.
  • Supports and work in all Microsoft configuration like MS Outlook, Express and Exchange server.
  • Converts healthy or damaged OST files to PST file.
  • Works with encrypted or password protected OST file.
  • After conversion all Outlook attributes would retain in original folder structure.