Few Windows 10 Privacy Settings That Are Falsely Criticized

In today’s world, most computer users are using Windows operating system in their computer system because of its graphical user interface is very easy to understand the features of the Windows OS. The users have been receiving regularly the newest version Windows 10 free up-gradation notification in their system. Recently news occurs on the internet that Microsoft Windows 10 violating the user privacy by default. But, the truth is somewhat different.

Few Windows 10 Privacy Settings That Are Falsely CriticizedThe default privacy setting of the Windows 10 operating system does not allow Microsoft to access to the intimate and secrete information. Actually, Microsoft collects most of the information from Windows 10 OS is same as Google, Facebook, Apple, and more gather user information for utilizing their services.

Here are a few Windows 10 privacy settings that are falsely criticized:

  • In General tab, the setting founds in Windows 10 privacy configuration is all have to do with personalizing advertisements. It creates an ID for advertising which is unique to the particular user and keeps secrete to the third party advertiser. With the help of that ID, the advertiser can use algorithm to make out which advertisement user are interested in and nobody can access those information, just an algorithm.
  • Location privacy setting of Windows 10 PC mainly anxiety about how user’s mobile phones operates. It is common to all mobile phone devices that are using IOS or Windows or Android operating system. With this setting, user can use GPS from their smart phones for location.
  • The feedback and diagnostic setting in the Windows 10 OS is used for, Microsoft simply wants to know how user use Windows 10 in their PC, which apps is most often used by user and which apps is never or rarely used and which application can cause system crash. From these feed backs, Microsoft can decide where to make improvements and where to limit the excess. With this information, Microsoft comes with new features and better improvements for the next time.
  • Cortana is closely associated with the mobile phones, but user can access it from the desktop also. Cortana option must be turned on in the device, before its start learning about the user how they interact or use the Windows 10 PC, then its start listening and watching. If you don’t want to use Cortana, just leave the setting in the off position.