Hard Drive Data Recovery Software


Wondering, which hard-drive recovery software to opt for recovering lost files? 

Don’t worry; here is the free drive recovery software with a user-friendly interface which recovers lost/deleted files within a few clicks.

The Recover Mac is integrated hard drive recovery software that allows the user to recover files which had been lost due to various circumstances. It employs its advanced algorithms which enhance the search and the recovery process.The Mac hard drive recovery software free recovers hard drives and external hard drives namely SCSI, IDE, SATA, SSD etc very swiftly and efficiently. The software is compatible with both the Intel and PowerPC Mac hardware platforms.
The software employs its advanced scanning mechanisms to reach out for the corrupted files throughout the drive. It uses unique advanced recovery modules which allow the user to recover the files with the complete folder hierarchy and also files from deleted or inaccessible volumes.

The Recover Mac recovers files residing in the bad sectors by creating a disk image of the drive which can be used to recover the data in future bypassing the drive.

      Why Recover Mac over others?

  • The recovered files are listed in an organized manner and the user may also opt for structured view by Data type view (files and folders are listed in and hierarchical format) and File Type View (displayed on the basis of extension).
  • The user can search a specific file using the Find tool which can be refined on the basis of name, file type, file signatures etc.
  • It employs two different scanning mechanisms depending upon the requirement. They are Normal Scan which scans data with low severity and Advanced Scan which is used when the severity is high and Normal scan cannot recover the data.
  • The Save Recovery Session allows the user to pause and save the progress of the recovery session so as to continue from thereon, avoiding repeated scanning of the entire drive to reach out for the corrupted files.
  • The Open Recovery Session enables the user to open the saved recovery session and continue with the recovery process from the point he/she left off. This feature allows the user to bypass the repeated scanning which in turn saves time elapsed and also increases performance.
  • The First Try then Buy allows is one unique feature that facilitates the user to firstly download the free version of the software and proceed with the recovery process. The recovered files can be viewed using Preview tool prior to saving them to the desired destination folder.

What are the situations resulting to lost/deleted data?
• Hard drives may be inaccessible due to the internal manufacturing defect or may be due to external factors like physical damage (in contact with fire or water or high magnetic fields) or even environmental issues can cause loss of data.
• Drives are also rendered inaccessible due to head crash where the internal read-write head of the device scratches the magnetic data storage surface or touches the circular disk on which the magnetic data is stored. Head crash incurs data loss rendering them inaccessible.
• Failure of the hard drive can be gradual or instantaneous.
• Sometimes there is a situation where the emergence of too many bad sectors may render the drive inaccessible.
• The click of death refers to the clicking sound that signals a hard disk had been corrupted. When the head fails, it fails to correctly track data on the disk. Eventually, the disk controller makes attempts to return to the home position and retrying causes the audible click, thus symbolizing drive corruption.