Disable Automatic Updates on Android Phone

It is user convenient to have their phone installing updates of apps automatically as they are notified in the android phone. But, there is good reason behind to stop automatic updates in android phone. User might want to save the usage of internet data or they simple want to have control over their Android device which application to get installed. Majority of user doesn’t know that they can have control over the updates of apps and they seek or ask their friends how to stop automatic updates in android phone?how to stop automatic updates in android phone

Nowadays, Android phones are the most popular all over the world and it is widely used by most of the users. Is powerful and built with high technology smart phone which runs on Google’s Android operating system in it. Android phone is designed in such a way that it fulfills the user’s desires like amazing wallpapers, themes and launchers which makes phone looks better. Because of its user friendly interface lots of people opt this device. There are many apps has been developed which supports android operating system phone. User will get regular updates for the apps that add great new features to smart phone.

Don’t need to worry! Because, there is good news for them i.e. they can disabled automatic updates on their Android mobile phones. Her, in this page I am going show you the procedure for how to stop automatic updates in android phone easily without any trouble.

Turn off automatic app updates in Android phone:

  • Start the process by opening the Google Play Store app in your Android phone. Next, touch slide out menu option in the upper left corner, as it is denoted by three horizontal lines, then click on settings. On the settings screen, choosing Autoupdate apps.
  • On the next screen, there will three options to choose auto updates apps at any time data changers may apply or Do not auto updates apps or whether you want to allow apps to automatically receive updates when you are connected to internet through Wi-Fi.
  • Click on Do not auto updates apps option then you can manually install all updates. For the sake of this how-to, we want to turn off auto-updates altogether, so go ahead and tap “Do not auto-update apps.”

After this, the Auto-update apps option screen will get close; bring back to the main Google Play Store settings screen. Tap your Android phone back button to return to the Play Store’s home screen.

camera File Recovery Software

Now a day’s people are very crazy about camera as it helps them in capturing the moment. Some people like to upload snapshot pictures in their social media websites in order to get identification, like and comments. Not only this but also the other departments like education, job, governments works, any other identification processes require picture for identifying person. So these images are playing an important role in our daily life. With the help of camera, video recording is also possible for the users. These video will help user to understand the concept as it include both audio streaming as well as video streaming.recover camera files

After recording video files and snapshot of images, you need a place to store and these files are store in the memory card in the camera itself as it is facilite with internal memory to stores the files. Till now everything is fine and good. But the real time start now when you faced a problem in which you may loss recorded files from camera. Yes it is possible due to several reason that files get disappear from the camera. But here you need not to worry, because development in the technology has also made solution for these problems.

With the help of recovering tool, you can easily recover camera files without any extra efforts. You just need to do is to just buy and download the software and happily get back files top your camera memory card. According to my knowledge there is a tool named as Samsung Photo Recovery Tool which help you in these scenarios. It only helps you to recover pictures from the device but also useful to retrieve audio file, video files and other media files as it is designed in such a way to restores all different media files. You may have now question in your mind that how the camera memory happened? What this software truly recovers? Is complete process of recovering will be happened or not?

After using this tool, You will get clarify to all your question in our mind as many users have appreciated this Software that it is working well in to recovers files from the different devices of the Samsung and many other devices. It will easily perform camera file recovery of different files like MP3, Mp4, IMG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, MOV, AVI, etc. The team of this software provided a facility that helps every customer to know about working phenomenon of the software before buying it. This tool has a preview option which preview the files which is needed to restores deleted files from the .To preview your deleted file make use of trial version of this software which is free of cost.

As recovery of photo files is very much needed because this mobile is one of the brands of the Samsung mobile. Its camera has high mega pixels and maintains good clarity of the pictures which were snapshot. This device has also contained many apps. With the help of this app, you edit the pictures and modify them with the help of the options available in the app. After modifying you can save them, share the files as you desired. So it is better to make use of the Software and get the pictures back to your device again you may have a great time to view images back to your device.

Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos on Windows

“Hi there, I am using a Windows 8.1 operating system and recently one of my friends deleted few of my important photos from my Computer which made me totally frustrated! I searched on to the Recycle Bin to recover those pictures. But it was of no use; I googled and came across forum on photo recovery for windows operating systems. But unfortunately I couldn’t unable to succeed in my search! Can anyone please suggest me a photo rescue tool? I seriously need to recover those photos! Thanks”

Have you deleted your precious photo? Then, don’t worry or panic! Simply refer this article for performing quickly retrieval of photos from any storage devices. Pictures often gets deleted or lost due to various reasons. But, no matter what are the scenarios behind it; you can easily recover it. Before knowing about the software it is good to know the causes for loss/ deletion of pictures.

What are the Reasons behind Loss of Photos on Windows?

  • Sometimes, while deleting unneeded image files from Computer, you may accidentally select some of the important photos along with unwanted pictures and perform delete operation. As a result, you will lose your important photos.
  • Forcefully Pulling out your memory card from the camera when it is still operating, can cause loss of photos present on it.
  • Using Shift + Delete keys to erase images from your Windows Computer. May delete your pictures permanently for it.
  • While performing Cut and Paste operation of pictures, if you abrupt remove the memory card from the Computer results in loss of images.
  • If you right-click recycle bin and empty it without checking its contents, the picture may get deleted.
  • If you accidentally delete large pictures folder as these photo folders won’t be sent the Recycle Bin. It could be permanently deleted and you would lose it right away.

If you accidentally delete pictures from Computer, Windows tries to store those files temporally on Recycle Bin, where deleted files hang around for a while. But, unfortunately it doesn’t works out for photos deleted from USB flash drives, memory cards, USB external drives etc. luckily you can still retrieve the lost / deleted photos from all external drives as well as from Computer, by using “recover photos for Windows” application.

How to Restore Lost or Deleted Photos on Windows?

  • Windows photo recovery software supports all versions of Windows OS like Windows-2003, Windows-XP, Windows-7, Windows vista, Windows-8.1 so on.
  • This soft has a special scanning engine that will scan and recover all the deleted, lost and corrupted images from your Computer.
  • You can get back all kinds of media files including video files. Some of the picture formats which can be recovery are JPG, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, PSD, etc.
  • It has a simple interface and it’s very easy to find your deleted photos effectively using this application. There is an option to customize the search for your deleted photos based on its name, size, date of creation, picture extension etc. With help of the “Find tool”.
  • This application supports recovery from all kinds of partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Samsung Photos?

Samsung is a large manufacturer company that produces different products like digital camera or camcorder, laptop or desktop computer, mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PC etc.

There are several digital camera brands available on market including Samsung which are specially designed to capture high quality photos and recording videos. In current days digital cameras are becoming more popular to capture photos or recording videos. Samsung digital camera can be used for traditional or professional photography.

Since nowadays, people are making their profession in photography. When someone is in photography profession, loss or deletion of a single image file can be a big concern for him. Like them, you might be owing Samsung camera and have taken snaps that are very precious for you but losing them may stagger you a lot. When you are using Samsung camera you might be aware of following mistakes as these are very common when it comes about photo loss:

  • Accidental deletion of photos while previewing them on the digital camera is commonly experienced case by most of the user.
  • Always avoid capturing photos or videos when the digital camera battery is low, since while capturing photos if the digital camera gets switched off abruptly then it may result in photo loss.
  • While connecting digital camera to any computer, insure that the computer is virus free and safe as it can make your camera memory card inaccessible due to viruses hence you lose your crucial pictures.
  • When transferring images from Samsung camera to your computer hard drive, don’t eject it in between the process. If you do it, loss of files is pretty sure.

Along with above described reasons, there are some more instances where you can get troubled after losing photos from Samsung camera for example: bad sectors on memory card, format error, camera firmware issues, etc. If you want to feel free from any of the mentioned cases then you must take some precautionary actions to avoid loss of photos from Samsung camera. You must keep a backup copy of important photos and videos on a virus free external storage device. Always use the updated antivirus program to scan and remove viruses from camera memory card.

If you failed to take the necessary precautions then also you need not to worry any more, since there is another option to recover digital photos or videos that are lost or deleted from the camera or any other storage device. It is an application i.e. named as Samsung Photo Recovery, which can easily restore photos from Samsung digital camera.

It also supports recovery of pictures that are captured by other digital camera or camcorder of different popular brands, such as Sony, Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus etc. Samsung picture recovery have been quite easy and simple on Windows or Mac OS X computers with the use of this reliable application.

Other essential features of Samsung Photo Recovery tool: The tool is 100% secure and safe to perform Samsung photo recovery from corrupted or formatted memory cards or other flash memory devices like pen drive, memory stick, SSD. Also it recovers Samsung photos from external hard drive, iPods and other media gadgets. It is built upon quick scan technology, which helps the user to retrieve photos in a very short time.

Other than making Samsung photo recovery, it can also be used to recover lost, deleted or missing videos captured with different brands of digital camera. It have the ability to recover generic as well as RAW photo file format like, PNG, PSD, KDC, SR2, CRW etc. Demo version provides an option to view the recovered photos before restoration.

Few simple Steps to Convert OST file to PST in an Effective Way

The versatile Microsoft Outlook covers a wide range of functionality like email, task manager, calendar, contact manager, journal, web browser, etc. MS Outlook used two file formats to save data, Personal Storage Table (PST) and Offline Storage Table (OST).  These two format are only used by all version of MS Outlook to store data. The main difference between PST and OST file is, PST file is used when you want to create archive or back up on your computer. While OST file is used when you want to work offline. It allows you to work in Outlook even when MS Exchange server faces down.

When the system is in offline mode all the data are stored on OST file, just when the server is connected and MS Outlook is turned online, all data saved is directly transferred to concerned client instantly. There are some instance when OST file may get corrupt due many reasons, and you can find inaccessible your mails and data saved in OST file. Which needs to convert OST to PST file for better restoration of all data.

To convert OST to PST file you need to use some third party tool, which should be reliable enough so you can restore all data accurately. There is a highly used and recommended tool named Convert OST PST,  which has best method to convert OST file to PST file. It is a read-only software that ensures there will not be any corruption or modification in original OST file. It  recovers emails and data from corrupted OST file and saved in PST file with all properties in original folder structure.

Reasons which may lead to corruption of OST file

OST Header File Corruption: It contains the detail information about OST file, if this file gets corrupted or damaged it may lead to OST file corruption.

Upgradation of Server: To improve file accessing performance admin can upgrade the existing Exchange server which may lead to corruption or deletion of OST file.

Synchronization Error: When server mailbox is connected to network all modification made on offline mode is updated in server. But if there is any interruption while this process, this may lead to synchronization error message.

Improper exiting Application: While working with Outlook if it gets abruptly closed due to any reason without proper saving data, then there is a chance ort corruption of OST file which may lead to data loss.

Bad Sector: If the location where OST file is stored become bad sector due to any reason then that file will not be accessible and data will be lost.

Abruptly Shut Down of System: While working with Outlook if system gets shut down due to any unknown reasons like power surge.

Third Party tool: OST file may get deleted by some third party tool, if they consider it as junk files.

Features of the software

  • Read-only software which ensures there will not be any modification or corruption in the original existing OST file. After scanning Existing OST file it will create new healthy file.
  • Retrieve file can be saved on PST file format.
  • Supports and work in all Microsoft configuration like MS Outlook, Express and Exchange server.
  • Converts healthy or damaged OST files to PST file.
  • Works with encrypted or password protected OST file.
  • After conversion all Outlook attributes would retain in original folder structure.

Perfect Application to Fix Corrupt MP4 Files on Mac

MP4 files are based on MOV video file format that is developed and made popular by Apple. This MP4 files are usually larger in size and contains both audio and video codec’s. However, like other file types, this MP4 files gets corrupt on Mac PC because of some known or unknown reasons. If the video that is encoded with MP4 file format does not have any audio or video, then it means that file is corrupted. In order to access file and play the video, it is necessary to repair corrupt MP4 file. Have you ever troubled by corruption of MP4 files on Mac? Do you want to repair corrupt MP4 files on Mac? Are you looking for the software that helps in repairing corrupted MP4 files on Mac? If you are the one who is looking for the solution on how to repair a corrupt MP4 file on Mac then don’t worry, you are at the right place.

Repair MP4 is an amazing application that is developed with robust scanning algorithms for repairing corrupted MP4 videos on Mac computer in few minutes. This program first extracts both the audio and video streams separately and then it analyzes them independently, locates the errors and fixes all the errors carefully. After this, both the repaired streams will be adjoined to create a new relevant playable MP4 video file. Moreover, in the entire repair process of corrupted MP4 file, this tool will never edit or harm the original file. Just it extracts the contents from the corrupt file and renders a new healthy playable MP4 file on your Mac system.

Causes that lead to corruption of MP4 file on Mac:

  • MP4 video files can get corrupted when you download it improperly from internet. This incidence can occur when there is no internet connectivity and if you try to play it on media player. In such cases, you might end up with errors and MP4 becomes unplayable on Mac system.
  • If you make use of an unreliable third party video editing app to play, edit or to convert MP4 file to other file format, then it may corrupt MP4 video file severely.
  • MP4 video file can get damaged if your Mac computer shuts down abnormally at the time when your MP4 video file is in playing mode. Sudden system shut down can damage the header and file structure of MP4 video file due to which MP4 file gets corrupted.

Other factors like Mac hard drive corruption on which MP4 file is stored, incorrect file transfer process, file system corruption, virus infection, etc. can result in corruption of MP4 video file on Mac. With the help of this Repair MP4 tool, you can easily fix corrupted MP4 file on Mac and makes it playable.  You can get an ultimate answer on how to repair a corrupt MP4 file on Mac if you make use of this MP4 repair toolkit. You can easily mend corrupted MP4 files on any available versions of Mac OS X like Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and others with ease. Repair MP4 utility performance can be evaluated by using its free demo version. It is possible to preview repaired MP4 files with the demo version avialable with the software. If you are satisfied with its results then you can purchase the full version to save the fixed MP4 files. Repair MP4 tool helps in fixing corrupt MP4 file on memory cards, hard drive, USB drive and other storage devices within few mouse clicks.

Bets Tutorial to Restore Deleted Pictures from Mac Computer

Photos capture the best moments in our lives. Today we can take photos using many electronic gadgets like smartphones, digital cameras, etc. These images will be stored in the memory cards used. But, memory cards are more prone to damage, hence to avoid risk we store all captured images on our Mac systems. Though these Mac OS X systems are considered as secure to store data still there are chances that you may lose all your essential pictures on it. The most common reason that is responsible for loss of your precious photos is accidental deletion.

Consider a scenario where your Mac partition gets full of data and thus decide to delete some unwanted files. While selecting unneeded data, you might choose some of your precious pictures and delete it. Later while searching for some of your photographs, you notice that you have deleted your important images. You hurry to check deleted photos in Trash folder, but unfortunately the pictures were not there. As we know losing images is really painful than any other file as you cannot go back and enjoy the same moments. What would be your next step??? Well, there is nothing to worry!!! Mac Deleted File Recovery tool is there that can help you in recovering your deleted pictures back on Mac machine as the tool is made compatible to work with different file types such as videos, songs, pictures, etc.

 Common Scenarios that cause deletion of photos on Mac:

  • Accidental Deletion: Some of the users while deleting junk data and useless files, they accidentally tap on important image files using Delete or Command + Delete option, after which those important image files get deleted from the system.
  • Virus attack: Images can be downloaded from internet or shared from other virus infected devices. Hence users perform antivirus scanning of images and other files on Macintosh. During this scanning process if antivirus software comes across any infected photos then it will delete it without user’s conformation that leads to loss of images.
  • Interruptions during Transfer process: Sudden power failure or hard drive crash in between the transfer process of images from Mac to USB device or to any other devices results in incomplete action. Thus, it causes files which are currently being accessed to get delete or inaccessible
  • Third party tool malfunction: Malfunctioning of third party photo library utilities while synchronizing pictures from digital camera to PC, may lead to loss of pictures.
  • Emptying Trash: You might empty your Mac Trash just to erase the file which is been there for long time, which in turns results in deletion of pictures.

Whatever may be the reason for deletion of images from your Apple’s Mac system, but deleted files will be still present on the system drive, until you overwrite the space occupied by deleted file on the drive by storing new data. Because, when files are erased from any partition, only the access information of deleted files will be erased making the data invisible to the users.  Hence, as long as you store any new data on the hard drive, it is definitely possible to recover deleted photos on Mac using Mac Deleted File Recovery tool.

Follow some of these precautionary measures to reduce risk of deletion of photos from Mac system:

  • Always keep backup of files and folders stored on hard disk
  • Use powerful antivirus program to protect your system from virus and malware.
  • Before deleting a folder or file or emptying Trash, check the contents of Trash and their priority.

 Incredible features of Mac Deleted File Recovery Software:

Mac Deleted File Recovery application is designed by group of professional experts and is recommended by many customers for its high end performance. The software is built with advanced scanning algorithms that deeply scans the drive to locate deleted photo file type and then with the aid of its unique file attributes it helps to restore pictures on Mac after deleting them. The tool can recover deleted photos on different Mac OS versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and the latest release Yosemite with very less effort. Using this restoration utility, you can also restore images and other data from various secondary storage devices including pen drives, external hard disks, USB drive, memory card, iPod, etc.

The software is capable to retrieve all image file formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TIF, BMP, etc. safely and securely. Adding to this, Mac deleted file retrieval utility can quickly recover RAW file formats such as CRW, NEF, ARW, etc. from some popular digital camera brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon and many more. This efficient application can easily retrieve image or other media files like audio, video, etc. which has been completely emptied from Trash.

Mac deleted file retrieval tool has a user friendly interface that helps even a novice user in recovering photo from Mac after deletion without any difficulty just by following few simple steps. You can also preview the recovered data using this trial version and check the efficiency of this application. If you are satisfied with this free version then you can purchase licensed version.

Learn How to Repair Outlook 2013 PST File

Microsoft Outlook PST 2013 files stores all email messages, contacts, notes, journals, tasks, folders, and other email items. This Outlook 2013 PST files can get corrupt, damaged or inaccessible because of many causes like broken PST files, damaged or corrupt header structures of PST files, disk corruption, error due to file size limitation, improper system shutdown, and so on. On corruption of this Outlook 2013 PST file, all the files data stored in them become inaccessible. In such an instances, a proficient third-party recovery software is needed for repairing and recovery of PST file from Outlook 2013.

Recover Outlook PST is one of the most renowned and highly praised program that can repair corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file restoration on Windows system. In order to provide you the best possible result, it is enriched with advanced algorithms which perform a quick and extensive scanning operation to repair 2013 PST file on Outlook application in few minutes. If respective Outlook 2013 PST file is password protected then also this application is competent to pull back files from it without a single hitch. You can repair PST files that cannot be repaired using inbox repair tool provided with Outlook i.e. scanpst tool. With the help of this wizard, you are permitted to extract Outlook PST file which are created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc versions with utmost ease.

Mentioned below are few common causes that result in corruption of Outlook 2013 PST file

  • Improper method of upgrading Outlook from old version to newer 2013 version may sometimes damage the PST file.
  • If you download any virus infected emails on Outlook 2013 will damage the PST file that will cause inaccessibility of Outlook files.
  • When you are importing and exporting Outlook 2013 PST file, occurrence of any errors will corrupt the data file completely.

Other causes like performing unknown actions without having proper information of Outlook 2013 like changing the preferences settings of the account, deleting any important program file like .dll that is responsible for proper working of Outlook, etc. will also result in corruption of Outlook 2013 PST file.

Repairing and recovering Outlook 2013 PST file issues is not an difficult task. For this, you need a professional recover Outlook PST tool. It is a complete PST repair and recovery application which enables you to repair corrupted PST file and recover all email items from them. You can able to restore email messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from any other Outlook PST file. This program successfully fixes all errors resulted due to damaged or corrupted PST file, virus attacks, deleted emails, broken PST files, header corruption, disk corruption, errors due to large PST file size, and others. If you want to get more details on recovery of Outlook PST file then go through this page- http://www.recoveroutlookpst.com/ .

Important tips to be followed

  • Never save PST file on a server or in a network drive.
  • Outlook PST files have maximum safety and security on your computer. Therefore do not try to save them on a server or on a network drive..
  • It is suggested not to handle large volumes of emails in a single operation.
  • Always be prepared against disasters of loss of files from Outlook PST. Always keep backups regularly, so that disasters can cause no permanent damage to the email communication system.

Tool to Migrate Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010

I am replacing my laptop that was running on Windows Vista pro office 2000 with a new HP Windows 7 OS and office 2010 standard. In my old laptop it has Outlook 2000 with a popular email account and a good amount of data. I want to migrate from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010, but I don’t know how to migrate this Outlook and I am sacred that I might lose important files like inbox, sent items, tasks and so on during migration. I tried in Google to find proper steps to migrate Outlook, but it was not help full for me. So, can anyone please help me in migrating my stuffs from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010? Thank you”

Now you don’t need to get worried about migrating from one Outlook to another Outlook, because Migrate Outlook Tool will take care of this migration without any loss of data. This tool will just work perfect in migrating Outlooks. This will help you to migrate Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010.

How you can lose data while migrating from Outlook.

  • Virus Attack: As Outlook requires internet connection for sending and receiving mails, there are more chances of getting infected from virus. If Outlook is infected from virus than you cannot perform safe migration of data. During this case you can easily make use of Migrate Outlook Tool.
  • Power break down: When you’re performing migration process, suddenly due to power break down, the migration process might get interrupted, due to this interruption data might get deleted from the previous Outlook as well as that data might not be stored in newer version of Outlook.
  • Unintentional termination of Outlook: While you’re performing migration process from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010, you might unintentionally close Outlook application. This unintentional termination of Outlook might result in loss of valuable data.

To overcome above scenario Migrate Outlook Tool has unique feature

Migrate Outlook tool will make use of very powerful algorithm to have a safe and effective Migration of data from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010. This tool is not only used for migrating Outlook from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010, it can be used to migrate all versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2003, 2007, 2013, etc.   To know how you can migrate from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2013 click here:  http://www.migrateoutlook.com/move-2003-to-2013-on-new-computer.html. This software can be installed on different versions of Microsoft Windows OS such as Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, etc. With the help of this program, you can migrate all items of Outlook including emails, notes, contacts, calendar events, RSS feeds, etc. Using this tool you can migrate password protected PST files to newer Outlook. Very special feature of this tool is, it provides “preview” option, using this special feature you can easily have a look at the data you have migrated from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2010 and after having a preview you can restore the migrated data. This tool will recover all the data which were lost during accidental termination of Outlook or during power break down.

Restore External Drive

“Last time when I was in Delhi, I took part in the annual event of my college with my friends and we took lots of interesting pictures there. About one week ago, my friends asked me to show photos of the event and for that purpose I transferred all my pictures to external hard drive. But, when my friend tried to access pictures from external hard disk on computer, it turned out to be unreachable and the computer was not able to read the data on the disk. And hence, the computer recommended me to format the external hard disk for reusing it again. Can anyone help me regarding how to restore external drive pictures?” 

If you have come across with the situation mentioned above, then no need to worry as you can now successfully recover external drive data of different types with the aid of dominant recover external drive software. This tool is simple yet robust and can easily recover data from external hard drive just within few simple clicks of mouse.

Situations that lead to deletion or loss of data from external hard disk

  • While transferring files from external hard drive to the computer using cut paste commands, if there is a sudden loss of power then it might result in loss of your data that was getting transferred
  • Accidentally formatting the external hard disk, thinking it to be a logical volume on your computer may also lead to loss of important data conserved in your external hard drive
  • If the external drive is infected by harmful viruses, then it gets corrupted as a result of which all the data present it becomes inaccessible to the user
  • Other issues like over usage, formation of bad sectors etc. might also cause loss of data from external drive

Whatever may be the reason, you can perform external drive recovery using recover external drive tool. This tool has the ability to recover external drive data within a short span of time.

Features of recover external drive utility

Recover external drive software is one of the best tools that help to recover external drive in minutes. It is especially designed to restore deleted or lost external drive data such as images, songs, videos, documents etc. This software doesn’t modify or alter original files during the recovery process. This app has a very good user interface with the help of which even an amateur PC user can recover external drive data effortlessly. This software even supports data recovery from various brands of external hard drives such as Seagate, Toshiba, SanDisk, Hitachi, Iomega, Maxtor and many more.

Apart from external drive recovery, this tool can recover data from other different storage devices. Additionally, this toolkit supports to recover corrupted external hard drive. To know more details on how to restore corrupted external hard drive, tap on this link: http://www.recoverexternaldrive.com/corrupted-hard-disk.html.  This utility works fine on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 and on all the latest versions of Mac operating systems. Other than corrupted external hard drive recovery, this software can recover damaged, RAW external drive with ease. You can make use of the free demo version of the app which is 100% virus free. If you are satisfied with the results obtained, then you can purchase the software.