Perfect Software to Fix AVI Files

Audio Video Interleaved shortened as AVI. This AVI is the multimedia file format that has been developed by Microsoft. AVI files include both audio and video information in a file container that lets synchronous audio-with-video playback. These can be used as starting points to make playable DVD’s and in addition, you can easily play AVI files using the available media players like Media Player Classic, VLC Media player, Real Media Player etc. AVI files are the most widely used container file format.

These days the majority of the movies that are available across the internet are available in AVI format as the audio and video content that is present on these files is of very high-quality. However, at times these files may become unplayable on the different media players available. This is due to corruption or damage of AVI files. After this the question that might come in your mind is how to fix AVI files? Don’t panic! With the aid of fix AVI software, you can successfully fix AVI files.

Reasons behind corruption or damage of AVI files

  • While downloading AVI file, if there is any kind of interruption, then it may results in partial (broken) download as a result of which your AVI video file gets corrupt and reject to play
  • If the header of AVI file gets corrupt due to certain errors while recording, then it may lead to corruption or damage of an AVI file. Header is the important part of an AVI file. The header file of AVI video stores all the details of the file such as file creation date, file size, modification date etc.
  • If you don’t have antivirus software, your system is attacked by virus. This in turn damage AVI files
  • If your AVI file transferring process gets interrupted due to improper system shutdown, sudden power failure etc in-between, then it may also lead to corruption or damage of AVI files

You can fix AVI files due to any of the reasons mentioned above using efficient fix AVI software. Fixing AVI files becomes very simple by using this tool. For more details on how to fix AVI files, visit this page:

Features of fix AVI software

This software is built with unbeatable features which are not found in other product and allows you to fix AVI files either corrupted or damaged without facing trouble of changing their original file names. Apart from supporting AVI files fix process, this software provides you the most effective way to repair damaged DIVX files and XVID video files on various storage devices like Hard Disk Drives, External Hard Disks, Memory Cards, USB Drives, iPods etc. This software performs AVI fix process on all the diverse versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008. Even Mac users can also fix AVI files on all the latest versions of Mac operating systems. You can use the free demo version of the tool in order to have practical knowledge about the repair process.


  • Don’t connect virus infected USB drives to your computer
  • Be careful of power failure while transferring AVI files from camcorder to your PC
  • Employ updated version of anti-virus program in your PC