Recover data from Portable hard drive after accidental formatting

Consider one of the similar situations, while reformatting your Mac OS accidentally unit you have chosen to format the wrong drive was formatting your hard drive and laptop connected.After formatting the laptop hard drive, you acknowledge this error, but it was too late. Also you do not have a backup of the lost or formatted data disk. In such a situation how can recover lost data from hard disk portable Mac system? Do not worry, all knowing every problem has a solution and can recover data from formatted hard drive and formatted hard disk , by using data recovery software for Mac Mac data recovery software solves your problem, how I can retrieve the data from my laptop hard drive. This software is able to recover lost and deleted data from various storage devices like hard disks (SATA / ATA / IDE), memory cards such as SD, XD, CF, MMC, etc, USB drives, iPods, etc. on Mac OS . Let us know the situations, how data is lost Mac OS, and any other portable device. So some of these scenarios are listed below,

Reasons why you may lose your data from the portable hard drive and the system:

  • Due to accidental use key “Delete command”.
  • Election accidentally format the wrong drive where important data is stored.
  • Bad sectors on the hard disk.
  • The interruption in the process of partition or repartitioning the Mac volume
  • The process incorrectly or ignoring errors in formatting or reformatting the hard drive.
  • Because dangerous threat attacks such as viruses or malware attacks on Mac system
  • Due to corruption of the file system storage device,
  • To access data storage device abrupt termination system.
  • Abrupt Withdrawal portable device while it is carrying out operations such as loading, unloading or transfer of files.
  • The use of the same memory card in multiple devices such as system, camera, etc..
  • The use of untrusted applications for formatting, partitioning process.

Solution to recover data lost or deleted due to reasons mentioned above:

These are the most common reasons that helps to know why you suffer from data loss. In such a situation there is only one and a solution to recover the data is to use a data recovery program for Mac But before that, let us know how you can avoid data loss future.For More info….

Try some simple precautions common to keep your data safe in the future

  • Always keep a backup of important data that will be useful in case of any data loss.
  • Always keep your antivirus updated in the system to prevent viruses or malware attacks on the stored data.
  • Never download, upload your important files from untrusted or unknown sites.
  • Always remove the laptop hard drive correctly to avoid sudden data loss.
  • Maintaining good quality uninterrupted power suppliers to prevent unexpected system shutdown.

If you follow these steps carefully, then you can not lose your data in the future. But even if you have data loss problem and you want to recover lost data then use data recovery software for Mac and solve your problem.

Extraordinary features of data recovery software for Mac advanced and more efficient:

  • Data Recovery Software for Mac supports to recover and restore data from HFS, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 formatted Mac volumes
  • This software is able to recover lost and deleted files from its file name, date, size and type based on their unique signature.
  • Data Recovery Software for Mac has been developed with the latest technology to help recover lost file in very short time with advanced algorithm.
  • Data Recovery Software for Mac helps you recover your data in different versions of the Mac and Mac OS X 10.5.x and above (including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc.).

You can download the free demo version and try to recover. This software is provided with user manual so it becomes very easy to recover lost and deleted data. If you feel satisfied with the demo version then you can buy the full version to save the recovered results. To download and learn more about this software: “ “